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Central Reservation System

ResClick Central Reservation System

CRS meets all your needs for the sales and reservation management needs of your agents.

Increasing your room sales Connecting to Metasearchs makes it easier to sell your reservations by sending prices directly to OTA's. Thanks to your online web page, as the number of people who arrange their travels over the Internet increases, hotels are also looking for new ways to be accessible online.

Sending prices directly to hundreds of Online sales channels with OTA's

Discover the speed of information distribution per second with Next Generation Online Agency System technology. Thanks to this technology, ensure perfect communication between your GDS and other IDS sales channels and your hotel. It is possible to enter price and availability information on all your sales channels at once, by spending just a few minutes through our system. In this way, you will be able to easily handle your updates when there is a change in your price and availability information.
We realized that one of the biggest needs of the hotels, which are included in the developing online market, is to manage their sales channels easily and smoothly. We have put the Extranet Control Panel to your service. With your CRS Extranet, with this control panel we offer to your hotel, you can directly enter the prices of all your hotels that you have a direct agreement with, by the hotel authorities, and ensure that the prices are instantly reduced to your own system.