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What is ExtraNet?

Regardless of the number of rooms for a hotel, it is not an easy process to manage reservations, adjust availability, and change prices. However, Extranet, the most innovative system offered by technology, offers you an easier management area. Extranet is a system developed for hotels that make reservations online. You can perform all operations such as your rooms, room prices, quota status, and control of received reservations through a single system.

Be One Step Ahead with ExtraNet!

The tourism sector remains alive in all seasons of the year. Although summer holidays are the most popular holidays, the relaxing and fun side of winter holidays cannot be discussed. Managing a hotel in the field of tourism is just as difficult. Numerous processes such as determining room prices, changing them and determining quota are only one of the parts that are seen in the first stage. With the development of technology, the hotels Extranet, which also shows itself online, will now be managed more easily. It is now very easy to handle all transactions about your hotel with a single click.