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Online Travel Agency (OTA)

What is Online Travel Agency (OTA)?

OTA's are travel agencies offered to users over the internet. These systems, which make your travel habits easier, are actually a well-known system. Although Ota's are not as profitable as direct sales from the hotel, they have a great contribution to increase the sales of the hotels and to achieve certain occupancy.
For this reason, it is extremely important for the facilities to increase their sales channels by using the right strategy. Some of the most well-known Ota's are ETS, Hotels, Otelz, Booking, Expedia.

Manage your sales channels with OTA!

With the increase in technological developments, the internet began to show itself in all areas of life. So much so that today you can book all hotels online and plan a vacation months in advance.
This is where the OTA or Online Travel Agency system comes into play. OTA systems, which have a great place in the scope of Tourism and Hotel Management, are too important for hotels to be ignored.